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Heather Betts - Director Independence and Wellbeing

Meet Heather Betts - Director Independence and Wellbeing

Their Story

Heather has worked in the military charity sector since 2005, following an 18-year career as an officer in the WRNS/Royal Navy. 

When she joined the WRNS women didn’t serve at sea, but following a change in policy and the disbandment of the WRNS she became an RN Officer and having volunteered for sea service she went to sea for the first time in 1993 as the Captain’s Secretary in HMS INVINCIBLE, despite being warned by a number of ‘salty sea dogs’ that “she’d hate serving in big ships”.  Always ready to listen to advice she nonetheless decided to make up her own mind and having enjoyed her appointment so much (including two six-month deployments to the Adriatic) went back in 2001 as the Refit Pusser and Deputy Logistics Officer.  In between her drafts to INVINCIBLE she completed the Supply Charge Course and enjoyed a two-year appointment as the Supply Officer HMS SUTHERLAND which included a six-month deployment to the South Atlantic. Heather also enjoyed her appointments training new entry Wrens, new entry officers and junior logistics officers and the time she spent recruiting officers in Scotland when she served with the Directorate of Naval Recruiting.

Heather retired as a Lieutenant Commander in 2004 and was determined to work in the charity sector.  Having worked for the Tourette Syndrome (UK) Association in business development and as the General Secretary of the Royal British Legion Scotland she brought a wealth of experience when she joined Blesma as the National Welfare Officer (NWO) in April 2008.

As NWO she was responsible for directing the activity of the Area Welfare Officers who delivered Blesma's very comprehensive welfare service to Members and Widows. In 2017 following some restructuring in Blesma Headquarters Heather’s remit was expanded and as Director Independence and Wellbeing she is responsible for all membership matters, including liaison with MoD recovery services and the National Health Services, prosthetic provision, the Blesma welfare service in the field, grant making and Blesma’s Outreach programme.   

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